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Dedicated to the craft of transformational acting

Character Comes First

Specializing in thoughtful and nuanced character studies, Brady Adair is an artist dedicated to the craft of acting.

Working in a variety of mediums, Brady has played over 60 comedic and dramatic roles in an extensive range of contemporary and classical pieces for theatre, television, independent film and commercial productions.
Brady creates memorable characters that come from keen insight, strong instincts and in-depth research as well as the simple act of daydreaming. His characters are three dimensional with details that display their humanity and personal perspective.
Based in New York, Brady has studied acting for various mediums in addition to movement work, dance, Alexander Technique, Tectonic moment work, dialects and actor/combatant skills.

What's Happening?

Welcome to my website. Here you will find a lot of great information about me and my work in the world of entertainment. Take a look around and enjoy your stay. And be sure to leave a comment if you have one (or a question) or just want to say hello.

Rehearsals are underway for Caravan Theatre Company, Inc.’s production of Marlowe’s Fate! Playing the dual roles of Ingram Frizer and Michael Drayton is a fun challenge and we have a wonderful cast and crew. This comedic take on the question of whether William Shakespeare actually wrote his own plays is both witty and thought provoking. I’m excited to be working on this play which will open on May 10 at Theatre Row in New York City.








A consummate and versatile performer

Devoted to a disciplined creative process

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Entertains and remains memorable to an audience