A Feast Grows in Brooklyn

The hottest new food destination, Dekalb Market Hall, opened this summer to great fanfare and excited anticipation—and for good reason. This enormous and bustling place is an epicurean’s delight!

Dekalb Image 1

A crowd gathers…what to choose?

Located in the basement level of the beautifully executed City Point, the hall features a varied selection of more than 40 food vendors that offer everything from handcrafted ice cream to jianbing.

Upon descending the escalator you will be greeted by the first ever Katz’s Deli outpost while the passages wind around, each vendor sporting its own distinct personality and appropriately designed facade which lends a feeling almost of being on vacation. There are so many sights and smells to experience and various places offer free tastings of their specialties.

The whole vibe is very neighborly and fun, with scattered communal dining areas that encourage chatting with everyone at your table. There are also small counters wrapped around support beams for those who like to stand and eat.

After perusing all the options, I went for a burger and milkshake from Andrew’s Classic Roadside Hamburgers, truffle French fries from Home Frite and for dessert, a dulce de leche doughnut (amazing!) from the authentic Spanish bakery, Dulcinea. Needless to say, I left completely satiated with the fare.

Dekalb Image 2

Unfortunately I ate my doughnut too fast to get a photo!

The choices for a snack or meal are dizzying and repeat visits are definitely required to fully experience everything the market has to offer. And for those who may not find something to their liking (though not likely), there is a full size Trader Joes that runs along one side of the hall.

For your next food fix, Dekalb Market is the place to be!