A Gem in Greenwich

The charming Greenwich Village restaurant Blenheim is named after the owner’s 150 acre Blenheim Hill Farm in the Catskills where, in the popular farm-to-table ethos, everything is sourced for the delightfully interesting menu. As the farm raises everything from Icelandic lamb to the humble carrot, the possibilities for inspired fare abound and the menu transforms with the changing seasons.

The interior furnishings were designed by owner Morten Sohlberg who runs the restaurant with his wife. Concrete table tops with copper edged sides were smoothed with beeswax.  In a clever design concept, the tables are slightly irregular with bowed sides so that a pair can be fit together (like puzzle pieces) to create a table for four. Milk cans converted to lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling and walls are adorned with beautiful wood paneling or antique farm implements.

Eating there on a wintry evening, the ambience is cozy and warm, enhanced by the wood accents and large floral arrangements on the bar. The staff was friendly and relaxed and the restaurant’s pace seemed to have an inherent hush unusual in the industry.

The food was accessible but with interesting twists and surprising combinations that are just exotic enough to entice but not so imaginative as to turn the taste buds off. The cocktails were equally creative and the wine list is varied.

My meal started with sunchoke soup which is charmingly served in a large aperitif glass which you slowly sip. The thick texture and mingling of herbs with paprika infused oil gave it a fascinating flavor. Next up was fried chicken with chili glaze and sesame seeds; while quite hot, the syrupy glaze lends it an almost sweet feel and the crunch of the outer skin is very satisfying. As the main course I chose the black sea bass with rainbow carrots, chermoule and dukkah. I was very excited to see that they offer Swedish princess genoise for dessert—a cake covered in marzipan with an interior of vanilla cream and raspberry preserves. This special and delectable dessert is not easy to find in New York restaurants so I was especially pleased to know it’s available here (since Columbus Circle’s AQ closed)!

It’s a pleasure to linger over a nice meal in New York City and Blenheim provides the perfect setting for an unhurried evening. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there and highly recommend it as a friendly spot with an enlightened menu. And make sure to bring lots of conversation topics as you’ll have plenty of time to discuss everything.

Special Note: Feature Image for this blog post courtesy of Pexels..