A Glass of Sparkly

I often mix fresh juices with seltzer water as a healthy way to stay hydrated while enjoying some natural sweetness. Having done this for many years, I was delighted to discover Spindrift, which has changed my beverage game.

My simple concoction is now available in a can and I’ve been buying it regularly ever since. Based outside of Boston, Spindrift debuted in 2010, where it featured in some local area shops and eateries as it slowly grew in popularity, and it is now available nationwide.

Using family farms around the United States as well as India, they source a full range of fruits, including orange, blood orange, lemon (my favorite), lime, grapefruit, pineapple, mango, a variety of berries and now tangerine and cucumber! With its ingredients being sparkling water and some real squeezed juice (yes, that’s it; no “natural” flavors), it’s perfect as an accompaniment to any meal or when you just need refreshment.

It’s clean and subtle on the palate—great for year round enjoyment, summer being ideal of course as it’s great for picnics and outdoor activities.

They can also be used in cocktails and Spindrift offers an extensive selection of recipe suggestions at their website for ways to enjoy the product with libations.

I love Spindrift and find it a weekly treat as a fun, healthy beverage product. And who couldn’t use a little more fizz in their glass?