A Summer House

Just in time for those long, dreamy days of summer comes a most exciting new coffee table book, Living Under the Sun, published by Gestalten under the editorial eye of Michelle Galindo, R. Klanten, Sven Ehmann and Sofia Borges.

For those who love tomes on interior décor this one is a fantastic homage to the idylls of summer living. Featuring holiday homes from the lush Floridian seaside to the wilds of Brazil to the exoticism of Vietnam, the spectacular visuals and descriptions are immediate and seductive.

Living Under the Sun Image 1

The homes blend seamlessly into their environments and showcase new architecture that is creative and practical, taking advantage of their locales and the lifestyles of their residents. With rich photography capturing a true sense of each abode, the book illustrates how designers use a range of imaginative solutions when building with the goal of leaving the natural world intact as much as possible.

Living Under the Sun Image 5

I found this book transported me the way a vacation does and cannot recommend it enough. Living Under the Sun is available through Amazon or your local bookstore.

Living Under the Sun Image 3