A Tribute to Oscar

Not the one you may be thinking of (as in Academy Award) but the venerable Oscar Wilde!

Artist duo McDermott and McGough have created a paean to the work, imprisonment and memory of one of the most beloved men of letters.

Created in the style of Wilde’s Victorian time period, The Oscar Wilde Temple is an intimate and sacred space which features fabric wall coverings, paintings, and an “alter,” the highlight of which is an intricate wooden sculpture of Oscar Wilde himself standing in front of a stained glass window, with all illuminated by candle light.

The chapel-like setting provides a reverence for the writer and his wit along with historical references to his life before, during and after imprisonment. And it’s also a simple testament to his enduring artistry and humor.

The space invites quiet reflection and a nearly private solace from the city noise outside.

In addition to the experiential, the exhibition is hosting a series of theme related events covering different writers and topics, capping off with a conversation on New York’s famous Oscar Wilde Bookshop (closed in 2009).

Visit this special exhibition before it closes on December 7.

Special Note: Feature image courtesy of IrishCentral.com.