A Walk Among the Spirits

There is a beautiful cemetery in Brooklyn, not only known for its history but for its stunning landscape.

Green-Wood Cemetery is an idyllic setting for a quiet walk in a most peaceful environment. Rolling hills, ancient trees and several ponds provide home to an infinite variety of birds, turtles and other small creatures.

Located at the highest point in Brooklyn above sea level, the views of Manhattan are impressive along with a dozen nature walks providing Green-Wood’s story and its natural heritage.

On a recent introductory walk I was struck by the lavish mausoleums, statuary, historical monuments (such as a large Civil War memorial) and the many well-known people who lie in peace there.

A visit here is a complete escape, both quiet and contemplative despite being surrounded by a busy, bustling borough. Covering 478 acres, the cemetery includes 23 sites of art and architecture and 25 memorials honoring such luminaries as Louis Comfort Tiffany, Leonard Bernstein, Samuel Morse, Sarah Kairns and Susan Smith McKinney-Steward.

As both a National Historic Landmark and a quiet sanctuary teeming with flora and fauna, Green-Wood Cemetery is not only a place of eternal rest but of eternal life.