A Wreath for Summer

At Paper Source, they always offer a variety of seasonal products for crafty types. For this summer, they created a series of wreath kits. I chose the eucalyptus version, made with paper leaves and flowers in pale shades of green, mint and cream. I thought it made for a fun and creative activity as well as a charming decoration for a wall or front door.

The kit includes the supplies and directions—all you need is a bone folder or ruler and a pencil for forming the leaf and flower shapes along with a glue stick or double stick tape. And voila—within a couple of hours you have a beautiful, artistic piece—all hand crafted by you!

Here’s how it goes:

Set out the instructions and read through before starting.
Begin by removing all the flower and leaf shapes. It's very easy as they are all perforated.
Continue removing the shapes.
After the leaves and flowers are removed, organize them by type and color.
Now begin to shape the leaf designs with a bone folder or ruler and curling the tips of some with a pencil where instructed.
Organize the flower layers, shape the petals with a pencil and then secure the layers with sticky foam, creating a three dimensional effect.
Now it's time to begin adding the foliage to the wreath form. There is a special instruction for starting with a design in the upper left area of the wreath form but after that the arrangement is freeform. Make it your own!
Continue adding and building up the foliage, balancing out the leaves and flowers as you like. This is where double stick tape comes in handy. Placing the pieces at alternating angles helps to fill in gaps where you might see the wreath form.
More leaves, more flowers.
Keep filling in and building up!
As you continue adding foliage, the wreath begins to look lush and rich. Be sure to overlap the leaves and flowers as well to give a more realistic look.
You can now add the little gold embellishment leaves by tucking them stategically into areas where you want some subtle glimmer as a finishing touch.
Completed and on display!