The popularity of Advent calendars for the holiday season has grown exponentially with so many companies and brands jumping on the trend.

Advent calendars were traditionally for young children to enjoy as a way of getting a small treat leading up to the big day of Santa’s arrival during the first 24 days of December.

Now people of all ages are excitedly opening daily surprises from a range of options—beauty and skincare, lifestyle, food, candy and anything else that applies to a company’s ethos. Even cherished pets can now have their own advent calendars!

This year I’m trying one from Rituals and the experience has been delightful. The Netherlands company that wants you to slow down and find happiness in the smallest of things, has produced a stunningly elaborate Advent calendar for 2022.

A navy blue, tree-shaped structure with a background of gold stars, ringed in little fairy lights holds a series of gold boxes in all different shapes filled with enticing products. These are not only fun to discover on a daily basis but fill the home with fantastic scents or refresh the body and mind.

So far I have unwrapped a special candle (there are four in the kit and each symbolizes a different thought for the season), a charcoal facial mask and a diffuser with fragrance sticks among other items.

Advent calendars are a relaxing way to start or end a day during a season that is often hectic with social activities, increased shopping, wrapping, cooking and extra errands.

It’s a small moment of merriment and invites you to reflect on what the holidays mean to you while enjoying a special something.

So whatever your interest is, there is surely an Advent calendar to celebrate with and add a touch of joy to your life!