Alicja Kwade Is On the Roof

This summer’s special commission on the Metropolitan Museum of Art Roof Garden is a stark but striking piece titled “ParaPivot.” Designed and executed by Berlin-based artist Alicja Kwade, the work is hypnotically simple but holds deeper meaning as she questions who we are and where we fit into the universe.

A collection of spheres appears to teeter on large interlocking black steel rods. The spheres are beautifully made of marble collected from various countries, including China, Italy, Finland, and India. The spheres take on an otherworldly, planetary appearance as they hang in the balance.

The piece as a whole is meditative, reflective and monolithic, despite the apparently spindly shape of the piece. At times it even appears to be a large spider hovering over the crowd with her eggs placed at various intervals (which reminds me of the works by Louise Bourgeois).

The Met’s roof garden is a special place and the unveiling of the current year’s exhibition is always eagerly anticipated. The roof is a gathering spot for New Yorkers to enjoy the panoramic views of Central Park while socializing over drinks and light fare. It’s a splendid way to spend a summer’s evening way above the bustle of the hot city streets below.

Ms. Kwade’s airy but substantial piece is a perfect complement to the roof’s environment and is a welcome piece for pondering our vast cosmos.

Over champagne with friends of course!

“ParaPivot” is open for viewing through October 27.