Beasts and Bottles

There’s a great restaurant in Brookyn Heights with an elegantly casual and warm ambience combined with a specialty for pedigreed chicken rotisserie using the techniques of Provence. Together with Brooklyn Green Market the result is a place called Beasts and Bottles.

Many patrons may know their sister restaurant, The Atrium, in DUMBO and indeed the interior at Beasts and Bottles does echo some of the interior design of their other establishment in their botanical walls, even extending onto the ceiling. It makes for an impressive display.

B&B Image 1

The creative team.

With a superb culinary director (Laurent Kalkatour), a master sommelier (Alexander LaPratt) and operations director (Leslie Affreat) at the helm, the restaurant provides a fantastic dining experience, with various breeds and farms utilized for the menu and an extensive wine list.

The staff is friendly and attentive, yet unobtrusive and with quiet demeanors that encourage a leisurely pace over a meal. The environment is relaxed and hush and allows an opportunity to real savor the dishes and indulge in the company of your table.

At the front is an attractive bar with high tables and chairs and the dining room is positioned at the back with a full view of the rotisserie and kitchen.

B&B Image 2

A marinated salmon appetizer with cucumber and pepper.

The day I visited was especially festive as it was Thanksgiving and the place was bustling but calm. It was a perfect place for a holiday meal.

B&B Image 3

The classic turkey entree with fresh herbs.

This restaurant feels like a true neighborhood spot but with a slightly elevated style—like a dear friend you’ve known a long time who remains perennially chic.

Open for dinner seven days a week and weekend brunch Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm. Happy Hour is Monday-Friday 5:30-7:00pm.