Theresa Rebeck’s newest play, Bernhardt/Hamlet is now on Broadway and the production is a revelation! Leading the cast is Janet McTeer, who absolutely dazzles in the role of Sandra Bernhardt, as she struggles to come to terms with playing the key role of Hamlet in a production at her theatre in Paris. Mirroring the characteristics of Hamlet himself, she swings wildly between utmost confidence and crippling indecision and fear.

The play is a real love letter to theatre and all the angst and passion that goes into creating a show. Along the way, the material tackles many other human issues and though the play is period, the issues are timeless and universal, giving the play an immediacy that belies the time and place. Most importantly, the play asks what is the role of a woman on stage as well as in her life?

Bernhardt.Hamlet Image 1

Dylan Baker and Janet McTeer

The entire cast is fantastic, imbuing characters with both solid realism and the bold imaginations of actors and all creatives that bring a show to life.

The set design is equally magnificent, with locations switching between backstage rehearsal space, a decadent dressing room, a French restaurant and a playwright’s home, all rotating on the turntable stage. Other details fill out the ambience, such as Edison style bulbs in the footlights as well as trimming the proscenium.[

The production, produced by Roundabout Theatre, gives much food for thought while it entertains and amuses. It is at once intelligent, moving, familiar and astounding.

See it before it closes on November 18! Learn more at Bernhardt/Hamlet.