Liquid Gold

As Korea continues to innovate and dominate the skincare landscape, I recently discovered the brand Labotica and one of their products, Transforming Liquid Rose Gold Mask, which is an “apply and peel-off” style of face mask that is appropriate for all skin types.

I found this mask at Paper Source of all places (had no idea they sell skincare!) and was interested in trying it. It has quickly become one of my favorite face products.

According to Labotica the mask has rose ingredients and gold which improves radiance as well as brightening and rejuvenating the skin. There is also an interesting storage note. They suggest keeping the product on its side, as otherwise the pearl contained in the product will sink, making the contents gradually fade. However, they also stress that the sinking will not affect the effectiveness of the mask nor damage it in any way.

Most everything else on the packaging is in Korean which I was not able to read so know nothing further other than these basic bits and some instructions on how to use.

The mask is fantastic and I was most pleased with the results. You apply the gel-like substance to your face and smooth it out, applying more as needed to get full coverage without slathering it on. Avoid the eye area. I also applied a little down my neck just under my chin.

The product does have a nice rose aroma which is noticeable but subtle and comes across as natural versus chemical. It also has a slight glittery sheen from the gold but this is not obvious once it is on the face and spread around.

The mask dries over a period of 20 minutes, during which you can feel a tightening sensation.

Once dry you peel away from bottom of face to top and are left with a clean, soft but firm result. My skin had a slightly velvety feel after I removed it which was really nice. From there I rinsed and steamed my face and, overall, I felt that the mask gave my skin a nice texture and feel.

I highly recommend this mask—it seems to cleanse, purify and moisturize the facial skin but not overly so on any of those counts. It’s just a refreshed, healthy outcome. My skin looked clean and clear after using it and I’m definitely glad I purchased the product and gave it a go!

Labotica products may also be found at Ulta Beauty and Amazon.