Bombay Revisited

How can one resist the sights and smells of India? Perfumers D.S. & Durga certainly couldn’t. And neither can I. Their new fragrance, Bombay Radio, conjures up the lush and exotic essence of India with even a minor whiff.

Radio Bombay Image 1With a heady combination of notes such as copper, radiant wood and coconut along with balsam fir absolute, the scent is evocative of—according to their description—“images of a radio blaring on Mumbai’s sun-soaked sidewalks.” What imagery!

The scent is certainly distinctive and warms beautifully on the skin to a full bodied, but subtle, aroma which lasts throughout the day. The quality of the copper note particularly shines through with an accurate sensation of smelling warm metal.

As my new go-to fragrance I highly recommend it for its many attributes and “best kept secret” allure. Available from retailers online and at, Radio Bombay makes a loud splash in the world of perfumes and asserts its presence, much like the noisy, but enchanting, streets of its namesake.