Brunch of Champions

I visited The Smith recently for brunch and, wow, do they know how to do brunch! They have several locations around New York City and I dined at the one in NoMad. The place was packed and buzzing with a frenetic energy that was both surprising and invigorating.

The décor sports flooring of white and black tiles, walls of white subway style tiles, large industrial lighting and expansive picture windows which open onto the street making it possible to see the outside hustle of the city from virtually any seat.

The service was friendly and attentive and the servers and back up staff were casually dressed in a stylish way, giving the place a vibe of pure “cool.”

The menu is extensive and it was not easy to choose an entrée. I finally settled my sights (and stomach!) on the Benedict Johnny, comprised of cheddar cornbread, maple chicken sausage and poached eggs with a roasted tomato hollandaise sauce all served in a small cast iron skillet.

Prior to the meal arriving they brought a basket of breads, freshly warmed from the oven and the various choices were delicious. They also offer a wide range of drinks and I tried the Cosmo Spritz, which was a traditional Cosmo with the added kick of prosecco, giving it a bubbly finish.

The dessert options were hard to resist and I chose the Cheesecake Cannoli which was beautifully presented and a completely different way of experiencing cheesecake. With a dollop of vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of herbs, it was a fantastic finish to the meal with a cappuccino.

So if you’re looking for a weekend respite, The Smith is a definite must. Lively, welcoming, appetizing and fun, it’s everything you want a restaurant to be!

Hours are 8am-11pm Monday through Friday, 9am-11pm Saturday and 9am-10pm Sunday. Reservations are highly recommended.