Cape Ann Olive Oil Company

Cape Ann Oil Drop CapI recently found myself in culinary ecstasy with the discovery of Cape Ann Olive Oil Company in Gloucester, Massachusetts. This little shop sells impeccably produced olive oils that are so stunning on the palate they’re nearly impossible to describe in words, other than expressing that they brilliantly exude their flavor profiles. Your mouth will tell you the rest. I spent most of my visit focusing on the infused line, and the myriad creative combinations are inspired and crafty.

Cape Ann Oil Image 1

Everything is available for sampling and is encouraged with small candy jars filled with tiny, soft bread croutons that may be dipped. Several oils not to be missed are the Mushroom and Sage, Persian Lime and Blood Orange. Mushroom and Sage has a deep, meaty flavor that is perfect as a compliment to any pasta. Persian Lime elevates a salad of mixed greens to a fresh and vibrant new level. Blood Orange, however, is particularly effective. After roasting Brussel sprouts in a generous amount, they so completely took on the flavor that one would feel certain they were eating blood oranges!

The base oils come from several countries and are then mixed with the essences in California and subsequently bottled in Gloucester.

In addition to these specialty oils, they also sell an extensive line of balsamic vinegars, all with the same attention to exquisite flavor detail and nuance. Reading all the variations would excite any home cook and provide endless possibilities for giving food a jolt of flavor.

And for those who like their food hot (as in spicy) they offer an enormous array of hot sauces, all available for sampling as well and with a humorous chart of degrees of heat. The most important note: DO NOT touch your face after sampling; some varieties are so powerful one could actually burn their skin!

To learn more about this wonderful shop and their product lines, visit Cape Ann Olive Oil Company.