Citrus Water

A lot of people extol the virtues of drinking a daily dose of water with lemon, especially when first rising in the morning. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but lacked the drive to follow through. I now think that I just needed an aesthetic motivator!

I recently discovered the Vacu Vin company which makes the perfect citrus carafe, a stylish all-in-one product. Made of a nearly unbreakable, crystal clear plastic in a handsome shape and sporting a zesty green top, it is ideal for making citrus water. The clever design incorporates a press which also doubles as the carafe lid. The citrus half is placed cut side up and the press squeezes the juice over the sides of the fruit which drains down through slits underneath into the carafe, retaining the seeds in the fruit for easy disposal. The ingenious design works beautifully.

Now I, too, have been drinking lemon water every day and it feels great! It’s refreshing and feels quite cleansing and healthy. Learn more about this and their other handy products at Vacu Vin.