Conjugated Gradients

Yorgo Image 1The Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery recently opened their new show, Conjugated Gradients, featuring solo works by the Los Angeles based artist Yorgo Alexopoulos. Stunning in their execution, the pieces are mesmeric works of color and light brought to life through channeled digital animation. I was completely captivated.

Reminiscent of Josef Albers’ studies on squares, the conceit of color moving around in defined fields takes this mid-century study to the next level.

Groups of various hues and tones endlessly cross over each other, recombine, evolve and change completely to create new colorways, all suggesting a contradictory action—is this constant change decisive or random? Such a question is posed by the artist for the viewer to determine.

Yorgo Image 2

With gorgeous shading, the landscapes of shifting color invite reflection and relaxation. In their quiet, meditative incarnation the works take on an other-worldly fascination.

Yorgo Image 3

The darkened rooms of the gallery further intensify the pieces and offer an additional, if unintentional, respite from the noisy city outside.

In their dynamic movement and contemplative quality, you won’t see color in the same way again.

Conjugated Gradients runs through June 23.