Crazy for Zizi

ZiziWho can resist a restaurant called Zizi Limona? The name alone conjures exotic curiosity and visions of faraway places. From its inviting Kelly green door cut out in a whimsical pattern to the hospitable staff to the stunning aromas and taste of the food, this place is a culinary delight.

Nestled on Havemeyer Street under an apartment building (lucky tenants!) in Williamsburg, this restaurant gem serves Mediterranean fare with great aplomb. The décor is artistic but simple—the main aesthetic being an attractive tiled bar. The exposed brick walls are plain save for a few small artworks hanging and the kitchen is on view from the seating area. The restaurant has a genuine, lived-in feel with a family-like ambience that invites cozy conversation. One would think the restaurant has been there for decades as a well-kept secret held by neighborhood locals who hang their hats on the old fashioned coat rack at the entrance.

Zizi Image 2

My young friend and dining companion, Noah, enjoying the smoked paprika “chips.”

I recently visited for brunch with friends and enjoyed an artistically presented meal including a mimosa with a pomegranate molasses base to gently twirl into the cocktail. It added a surprising boost to this standard brunch drink.

Zizi Image 1

Eggs Armada–delicious!

The appetizer was a combination of green baba ganoush (thanks to a delicious pesto), a mini tabbouleh salad, roasted cauliflower and soft, warm puffy pita direct from the oven. For the main I chose the Eggs Armada which consisted of poached eggs and cured salmon over a thick crostini and served on a bed of “chips” (their version of fries) in a smoked paprika aioli. The dessert was a marvelous take on the classic crème brulee. Zizi Lamona’s serves this classic with a twist—topped with fresh raspberries resting on pistachio dust and covered with coconut flakes toasted to perfection—decadent and divine!

With an attractive setting and a lively clientele, Zizi Limona is a must stop for a great meal experience. I should have hung around for the day so that I could have enjoyed dinner that evening. I’m confident it would have been worth the wait!