Diving Deep

3-Legged Dog Art and Technology Center’s current production, The Deepest Man, is a fascinating exploration through a man’s journey of grief as he tries to understand the death of his wife who passed away while doing a risky free dive.

Known for its innovative video work, the Center’s technology is most impressive as it supports the playwright’s story and the actor’s characterizations. The visuals are beautifully rendered with objects floating in space and providing the interior imagination a space to shine in the exterior world.

The various characters all have their own stories of death and grief. One character, Marta, is played by a close friend and colleague, Libby Skala, making her debut at 3-Legged Dog with this production. Libby portrays an eastern European artist with a penchant for crucifixes and abusive relationships who is presented with an opportunity to let a loved one die. She takes advantage of the opportunity.

The show provides a great deal of food for thought as we consider the sanctity of our own lives, our interpersonal relationships and the ebb and flow of life and death.

The Deepest Man runs through June 14.