Drinks on the Haus!

With “Set your bar higher this year” as their mantra, Haus began in 2019 as a new type of alcohol purveyor. Producing handmade aperitifs on a farm in Sonoma County with organic ingredients and disclosing all nutrition facts, the company has scored a hit, not only with their product but with beautiful packaging made from recycled materials as well as their presentation.

In recent years, aperitifs have become more popular in the United States and Haus has created a line of light, refreshing and creative flavor combinations that need little more than soda water or tonic to complete a perfect little cocktail for sipping, without, as they put it, “the consequences.”

The concept is attractive and perfect both for entertaining or enjoying solo. I recently discovered their innovative idea and received a starter kit box of six flavors along with a book describing aperitifs and recipes for each variety. The kit included bottles of Citrus Flower, New Fashioned, Grapefruit Jalapeño, Rose Rosé, Lemon Lavender and Pomegranate Rosemary.

They’re really quite fun and so easy to make quickly. And the alcohol content is light (stronger than wine but weaker than whiskey) so it’s perfect when you want to savor a drink with no effects after.

My favorite flavor was Rose Rosé followed closely by Grapefruit Jalapeño, which surprised me as I don’t typically care for either grapefruit or jalapeño!

I am getting a lot out of my starter kit and it’s a pleasurable social ritual with friends and family, in the same way aperitifs have been enjoyed in Europe for centuries.

A votre santé!