Family Supper

If you find yourself in Windsor Terrace and craving Mexican food, the best place to visit is Cena. In familiar Spanish, the word means family supper.

Located on Greenwood Avenue, this place has become a hot spot in recent months and it’s no wonder. The food and atmosphere strike the perfect balance. They have set up a warm, inviting outdoor dining area on the sidewalk and extended into the street with a cabana style space complete with potted shrubbery, hanging plants and festive outdoor lighting.

The night I visited the place was packed and boisterous. The lively crowd and retro music made the experience all the more fun—the restaurant imbues a sense of neighborly welcome, almost like a block party—even dogs are welcome to join in the fun.

The menu is fantastic and quite extensive—with all the usual favorites. It’s the ingredients that elevate the dishes. You can tell everything is fresh and at its peak of ripeness.

To wet the palate, they offer a full range of beverages, including three versions of sangria—white, red and rose. (I highly recommend the white—perfect for a balmy summer’s eve!)

The pace is relaxed and unhurried and it’s clear the friendly crew like their patrons to settle in for the night—encouraging repeat visits to the counter to order more food and lingering over long conversation and laughter filtering out into the night air.

What could be better for the lazy days of summer?