Fashions For Men

I attended a performance of Ferenc Molnar’s Fashions For Men at the Mint Theater Company, a rarely produced jewel from 1917. The production has enjoyed a well-deserved successful run, selling out their performances and even extending for several additional weeks due to its popularity.

Evoking a postwar, peacetime vision of Budapest, the play centers on a tailor and shopkeeper in the throes of losing his marriage and beginning another surprise romance with one of his employees.

The play was a pleasure in that it provided a true evening at the theatre, with three full acts and two intermissions. One does not often have the opportunity to savor an evening of leisurely entertainment. The cast is large, employing twelve talented actors, some of whom play multiple roles. At a time when budgets are tight, casts are small and shows are short, the Mint provides a wonderful alternative of a classic theatre model and the experience they give their audiences is one of charm and delight.

See Fashions For Men before it closes on April 12th.