First Breath

Travis Magee Exhibit 2      Transformation is a beautifully traumatic process – physical and emotional – the pain of change and the joy of discovery.

This line opens the photographer Travis Magee’s artistic statement as he debuted his new exhibition of dance photography at Lincoln Center’s Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery with an exciting opening night party.

Attendees braved a cold, snowy evening to celebrate a collection of photographs taken while in residency in Cape Cod last summer. The photos are highly energetic with a wonderful presence that makes them appear three dimensional. A former dancer, Mr. Magee is adept at choreographing his subjects with appreciation and enthusiasm, capturing moments of movement that are magnetic and thrilling.

Travis Magee Exhibit 1He was also gracious and generous with his time that evening, personally showing me a couple of the photographs and explaining the setting and inspiration behind the image. It’s always a pleasure when you have direct contact with the artist as it provides much insight and illuminates the viewing experience.

To learn more about Travis Magee there is a wonderful interview at 360Design by Matthew David.

For lovers of dance, this exhibition is definitely worth a visit. See it soon before it closes on February 11.

All photography © Travis McGee.