Flowers for the Table

South African floral designer Heike le Cordeur has a way with flowers.

An installation and function arrangement artist by trade, a friend told her she wished she could have her flowers around all the time. Thus an idea was born.

Heike Image 1

The Tertia

This artist arrived at an ingenious solution to preserving her signature dramatic arrangements by creating a stunning line of tablecloths.

Not one to shy away from lavish and unique floral designs, Heiki has captured, through photography, the vibrancy of fresh flowers in their full splendor. The images translate beautifully onto fabric and the choice of linen only accentuates the alluring colors and textures of the many type of flora used in her arrangements.

Heike Image 2

The Indi

And the best part: your flowers will never fade! To learn more, visit

Special Note: Feature image of The Raphi design courtesy of Heike le Cordeur’s website.