It’s Bananas!

I never thought much about using bananas on my face until I recently learned about the French skincare line Kadalys, which is the first cosmetic brand to use active ingredients from the banana tree. I thought this was rather original and was curious to explore the brand.

The banana tree (kadali in Sanskrit) is long known for being the “herb of a thousand uses” and its parts, from the leaves to the sap to the fruit, are employed in the traditional medicine of the French Caribbean islands. And these same elements are also great for skincare and cosmetics as they’re deemed to be soothing, healing and revitalizing.

This is certainly the case with the products I selected to try out—a gentle clarifying mask and a soothing gel cream.

Kadalys Image 1

The mask is a real treat, cleansing facial skin with yellow banana and yellow clay extracts as it lifts away impurities—it even has the slightest aroma of fresh banana which is particularly nice in the morning. The gel cream is light but provides a fantastic emollient formulation that immediately absorbs for either day or night use.

Kadalys Image 2

Kadalys is also a company that ethically sources their bananas from Guadeloupe and Martinique and contributes to the preservation of biodiversity in these environments. They are certified organic by ECOCERT and the line contains originally 100% traceable ingredients mixed through sophisticated chemistry for effective results.

An affinity for your skin AND for the planet? That’s something worth going bananas for!