Good Libations

Whether a cocktail connoisseur or a novice curious about the art of bartending, there’s a great opportunity to learn more about alcoholic concoctions in a fun and lively environment. Liquor Lab, a company that provides instruction on the art of mixology, has two locations: one in New York and the second in Nashville. Offering a unique take on the cocktail experience, this place is like a big party and it’s a blast!

Built around a variety of themes, the classes are super social, hands-on and highly interactive. I attended a recent evening in which we learned about (and proceeded to make) popular signature cocktails found at various local watering holes around Greenwich Village.

Each class features a skilled guest mixologist who guides you through the creation of the drink from start to finish. Upon arrival the low lighting and inviting buffet of cheese boards and mixed pizzas encourage immediate socializing. Each visitor is assigned their own bar station pre-set with all ingredients measured out and tools ready to go. When the instructor starts, the lights come up to full and the prep begins with background information on the history of the drink and its ingredients. Once the drink is complete the lights go back down, the music goes up and the mixologist mingles around the room and checks on your success and any feedback you have about the cocktail.

On the night I attended we made four drinks: Shiso Gin and Tonic from Katana Kitten, Madriguera from The Warren, Winter Sidecar from Decoy and Yankee Notions from Employees Only.

Shiso Gin and Tonic


The best part about the experience is that it’s ideally set up for social media so you can pose with your creation in a photo-op area for instant posting to Facebook and Instagram or simply position your drink in a special light box that provides the perfect setting for an idealized “magazine-ready” image.

The atmosphere here is vibrant, active and tremendously entertaining. The staff is friendly and welcoming and also promotes responsible drinking while enjoying yourself in a festive vibe.

Winter Sidecar

Yankee Notions

Liquor Lab classes are offered daily, led by specialists in beer, wine and spirits and cover a wide range of libations. Private events may also be scheduled and are a great idea for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, congratulatory events—anything where a party is a great way to mark an occasion.

Cheers! Saluti! Proost! Bottoms Up!