Got Ya Covered

For custom made soft goods and upholstery work, look no further than Suzan Perry, proprietor of the delightfully named Got Ya Covered.

Multi-talented and multi-skilled, Suzan can work with a client on virtually any domestic or commercial project one needs completed, from simple couch cushions to the most intricate upholstery to complex theatrical set décor. She works in all mediums and has a solid understanding of design creation and execution.

As a designer Suzan is a pleasure to work with. She is a charming collaborator and a good listener. She readily offers suggestions or tips when approaching a project and is flexible with changes as they may arise. Meeting her, you can feel her visceral excitement about all manner of sewing and building. She simply loves what she does and maintains a perfection that is unparalleled, as she holds herself to stringent standards. She takes great pride in her work and wants her clients to be nothing less than thrilled with their finished product.

Beyond soft goods, Suzan is also an accomplished wood worker as well as jewelry designer and seamstress for both street garments and theatre costumes. There’s nothing she won’t tackle and relishes a challenge.

Got Ya Covered Image 1

The finished cushion covers!

I recently went to her to make pillow covers for my couch and couldn’t be happier with the results. Suzan took the water color-like fabric and made each cover identical, which I was not necessarily expecting. She even matched the fabric along the back to uphold a consistent print! By doing this, she made the textile design stand out and with each cover identical, created an impressively cohesive look.

I highly recommend Suzan for any home project—with careful attention to detail, an appreciation of the medium required and a thoughtful strategy for the task at hand, the outcome will leave you completely satisfied…if not enchanted!

Suzan can be reached at 212-246-4252 or at