Happy Halloween!

Icame across this fun idea for decorating pumpkins as an alternative to more traditional designs and no carving necessary! The elegant result is contemporary, artistic and a nice contrast to the classic pumpkins one sees for this holiday.

Halloween Image 1

Click on this image for Studio 5’s instructions on painting doily pumpkins.

Simply take a paper doily and cut out the center white part. Affix the doily ring to the pumpkin in the desired area with a removable adhesive or basic glue stick. Apply paint over the doily like a stencil using a sponge brush or stencil brush. Gently remove the doily and voila! Allow the paint to dry completely before continuing on if you want to decorate the entire pumpkin.

An additional touch is painting the exterior of the pumpkin completely in a different color before stenciling the doily.

My pumpkin is a bit more rustic than I would have preferred but with practice the technique can be easily mastered and I enjoyed the project.

One nice feature about this design is that you can then make pumpkin soup (or pie!) once the holiday is over.

Have a happy, haunt-ful holiday!

Halloween Image 2

My own handiwork.