Having Your Cake…

and eating it too! Nordic Ware, a Minneapolis-based cookware manufacturing company based in the U.S., creates the most beautiful and elaborate cake pans that turn out perfectly designed desserts that are almost too charming to consume.

With a seemingly endless range of tempting options, the pans appeal to a variety of tastes and preferences, from the elegant to the cute. The pans are highly detailed and expertly produced.

I was recently excited to receive a surprise gift of the Cozy Village bundt pan and made a set for a dinner party. The petite cakes couldn’t have been more delightful and were a big hit with guests. The addition of confectioner’s sugar completed the snowy effect and made for a memorable close to the meal.

Nordic Ware Image 1

Nordic Ware is famous for introducing a handful of specialty Scandinavian ethnic cookware, eventually inventing the Bundt pan in the 1950’s, and has been a continuously family run business since its inception and is known for quality and durability in cookware. With products distributed world-wide where they continue to surprise and engage with their imaginative designs.

What better incentive to start baking?