Hit the Beach!

For those who love the beach but want to protect tender tootsies, Libby Fitzgerald has created an ingenious footwear option in the form of a water-friendly espadrille that is as casually chic and fashionable as its cotton/rope cousin that you’d find in Biarritz or Madrid.

The company, Sea Star Beachwear, makes sport shoes of sturdy neoprene (the same fabric used for diving suits) with rubber soles molded with a rope design to provide comfort and protection with the same look as the traditional French or Spanish version. You can walk right into the ocean, swim around and emerge onto a sandy or rocky shore in a shoe that will dry immediately and retain its shape and style.

The shoes come in myriad colors and patterns and include lines for women, men and children. While the basic espadrille is their primary inspiration, they make variations on this classic design as well as host a special collaboration with Ocean Sole Africa, an organization which turns flip-flops into art and functional products.

Not just for beach locales, the espadrilles also work great poolside or in a city setting. They look great and their practicality makes them indispensable for all kinds of activities.

Wearing these shoes means you never have to worry about wherever you end up in your seasonal adventures. And isn’t that what summer is all about?

Special Note: Thank you to Pexels for the title image!