Humble is the Man

I just finished reading Robert Seethaler’s moving novel, A Whole Life. This singularly profound work of fiction is a beautiful portrait of an uncomplicated, humble man told in a rich prose. The book is a universal confirmation of the heartbreak and joy of daily living.

Beginning in the early 20th century and continuing through the 1970’s, the tale explores the relationship of a man to a mountain, to a beloved wife, to WW II and finally to the arrival of a modern post-war world which is increasingly unfamiliar to him as he ages but full of wonder nonetheless.

The gifted Austrian author is also an actor and the writing, sensitive and thoughtful, becomes lyrical in its execution. The protagonist Andreas Egger and the various characters that inhabit the world of his mountain village are elevated beyond their common figures and the day-to-day is treated with poetic respect.

Through all the moments, big and small, we are carried through Egger’s life on a tender, gentle and compassionate journey leading to a satisfying end.

The novel is wonderful proof that the most simple things in life can be the most revelatory.

A Whole Life is available through Amazon and independent booksellers.

Special Note: Feature Image for this blog post courtesy of munimraza456 at Pixabay. Inside Image of mountain background courtesy of Nadine Doerle at Pixabay.