It’s Barbie!

The city of Montreal has recently opened a special museum just for this beloved doll, showcasing her in all the grandeur and fantasy one would expect from such a lady. Barbie Expo, housed at Les Cours Mont-Royal, is the largest permanent exhibition of Barbie dolls in the world and features over 1,000 versions of the perennial favorite.

The exhibition is free to the public and is a delight to see. Barbie is featured in looks by famous design houses, corporations and costume designers. She is also shown as Hollywood icons and in historical costumes from around the globe. Ken dolls even make an appearance dressed as famous contemporary figures.

Barbie as Lucille Ball in "I Love Lucy."
Various Barbies in designer creations.



The show is quite a feast for the eyes—the breadth of material is dazzling and the array of design is impressive and inspiring for anyone interested in fashion or the fashion industry.

The most charming aspect of the show is a photo booth, mocked up to look like a package, complete with bright pink exterior and a cellophane front. I took advantage of the photo op—it was hard to resist and one the favorite attractions of the show.

This fantastic exhibition is definitely worth a visit when next in Montreal. It won’t disappoint and definitely cements Barbie’s status in the world of dolls while also confirming her iconic place in world consciousness.

My pose as a Ken doll.