Just Spiffy

In the heart of Hell’s Kitchen in New York City sits a little shop for menswear and accessories that couldn’t be more charming.

Fine and Dandy, founded by partners Matt Fox and Enrique Crame III, is an oasis of gentlemanly interests and pursuits. And while Urban Dictionary defines the phrase fine and dandy in ironic terms, the shop harbors no hint of this, embracing the words in all their purity and innocence. The shop is a joyous expression of the civility of man and the accoutrements that lead him to embrace the “niceties” of life.

On the day I visited I was greeted by the genteel and warm Matt who, chatty and convivial, showed me around the store and even taught me the proper way to tie a neckerchief.

The space is warm and inviting and every square inch of the tiny shopfront is used for product and display (display pieces include vintage suitcases, corner hutches and old  glass boxes) which gives the store a nostalgic, overstuffed feeling—perhaps like a visit to your grandfather’s impeccable dressing room but where everything is bright, fresh and alluring.

Most of the items sold are made in New York either by the owners or other small firms. They stock everything from a simple silver key fob to beautiful shoes made from pieces of antique kilim rugs to costume pieces for theatrical shows. They have myriad ties, scarves, and neckerchiefs (cleverly designed in triangle shapes to avoid the excess thickness typical of the standard). You can also find suspenders and sock garters along with unique items like cigarette cases and even spats! Does anyone still wear spats?

Their products are, in many cases, one-of-a-kind, as when they find a small piece of fabric they like (even tea towels have been used) they use it to create a single tie or neckerchief.

Operating since 2008, they are a year away from celebrating 10 years of a winning business formula and, with the interest in menswear continually on the rise, here’s to another 10 years of putting a little fine and dandy back in every man!