La Grande Boucherie

I love experiencing the different French restaurants around New York City and I discovered another fantastic one. Located on West 53rd Street in midtown, La Grande Boucherie is both an elegant destination and a culinary pleasure.

The ambience grabs you the moment you walk through the threshold into an arcade-like space that houses the restaurant. Outdoor tables line the wall with large potted trees and a sky high ceiling. For those that prefer, the indoor space is just as appealing as it showcases a gorgeous bar with stained glass ceiling and two dining rooms (one downstairs, one up) that have decorative relief moldings, art deco features and vintage framed artwork that sweep you away to supper clubs of the past.


The staff is friendly and attentive with a touch of sophistication that lends a cosmopolitan feel to the atmosphere. I dined there for brunch and the meal was unhurried and leisurely. It was wonderful to linger as you can do in Europe which I especially appreciated in the hustle energy of New York City.

The meal started with a bread basket delivered with delicious French salted butter (it’s impossible not to ask for a refill when the bread is finished!). I chose the Steak Aux Oeufs (steak and eggs) which came with a lightly dressed salad. The steak was masterfully prepared and seared to perfection, with an ideal texture. And the salad was a refreshing counterpart as a palate cleanser. I also recommend the Provence Martini—a cocktail distinctive with the addition of lavender. After finishing I couldn’t resist an almond croissant. What a superb treat! With gooey tips at each end that spread out over the plate from the sweet almond filling it made for a decadent dessert accompanied by a cappuccino.

La Grande Boucherie is an ideal spot for a weekend meal, a time for celebration or a quiet dinner with someone special. The environment lends itself to a variety of occasions and is a perfect option for midtown dining. You will definitely leave with the word “magnifique” on your tongue!

Hours are 11:00am – 12:00am Monday-Friday and 10:00am – 12:00am Saturday-Sunday. Reservations are recommended.