Late Night

Minday Kaling’s new film, Late Night, is a smartly written and incisive vehicle for its two lead actors—herself and Emma Thompson.

Ms. Thompson plays Katherine Newbury, a hard boiled, long-time host of a faltering late night talk show who experiences a shake-up at her network as well as in her writer’s room when she hires a plucky younger woman, Molly (played by Ms. Kaling). Molly is left somewhat stranded in her role as the “diversity” hire as she attempts to rejuvenate the show’s content while navigating the “boys club” atmosphere.

The film strikes a variety of tones, switching between solid comedy, intense dramatic moments and unexpected pathos while the two leads journey through the story.

As the two women convene across the divide of culture, class, generational differences and career points, they come to appreciate each other and realize they’re stronger together than apart.

And, in the end, the remodeled situation leads to an even greater success for their characters.

Late Night can be seen at theatres nationwide.