Lettuce Eat!

Gotham Greens Exhibit 1

My new favorite produce food is Blooming Brooklyn Iceberg which I recently discovered at my local grocery. This amazing lettuce has the crisp and slightly sweet taste of its traditional cousin iceberg but is grown as an open, rather than closed, head. The result is a tasty and fluffy leaf that is as light as air and full of nutrients.

Blooming Brooklyn Iceberg comes from Gotham Greens, producing local, sustainable vegetables in rooftop greenhouse gardens around the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Where there’s an open rooftop it’s likely that Gotham Greens may move in and start gardening! As their website states “We are farmers that live in apartments.”

Currently occupying space in Greenpoint, Gowanus and Jamaica, all vegetables are grown using recirculating irrigation systems that capture all water for re-use and are free of any harmful chemical pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. With the highest quality standards, their philosophy is to bring the best produce possible to everyone’s table. They strive to harvest greens before breakfast that you will consume that same day at lunchtime.

I’m completely impressed with their business model and creative use of open space. Learn more about the company, the people behind it, their fantastic produce, and support their work at Gotham Greens.

Your taste buds will thank you!