Lip Service

To keep your lips hydrated, moisturized and soft, I discovered a new product from Clarins that has quickly become a favorite skin care item which I use all the time. Lip Comfort Oil expands on their line of body oils and comes in seven colored shades as well as one natural (which is the one I use).

While their lip oil was first introduced in 2016, this updated formulation is composed of a trio of plant oils: organic sweetbriar rose, organic jojoba and hazelnut. With a nice consistency (think thinned out honey), it provides extreme moisture as well as a protective layer against dryness or chapping.

The gooey consistency is quite decadent and feels rich and emollient. The curved sponge applicator appears a bit oversized at first but is actually ingeniously designed to follow the natural curves of the top and bottom lip surfaces and also acts as an absorber so that the oil doesn’t become drippy when applying.

The short, chubby tube container is appealing in its design and features a silver top with the Clarins logo in large letters circled around it.

During all seasons of the year, lips need care along with the rest of the face and this product certainly meets the demand. In addition to its effective benefits, I think it’s fun to use and is easy to take on-the-go or keep with your daily skin care regime.

And the bonus with the Honey version is that it can be used as an overnight sleep mask so that lips are plump and ready at sunrise. So when it comes to Clarins Lip Comfort Oil, my lips aren’t sealed!