Lobby Hero

2NDSTAGE has remounted a production of Kenneth Lonergan’s Lobby Hero and the results are nothing short of gripping.

Under the deft hand of director Trip Cullman, the cast smoothly glides through a complex web of intricate relationships that, while carrying the weight of drama, are contained within a reality that is plausible and relatable.

Lobby Hero Image 1

Michael Cera plays, Jeff, the hapless but endearing lobby security guard who has a difficult past with a gentle grace that immediately makes him sympathetic. Brian Tyree Henry as William gives an edge to a man with a moral dilemma relating to a crime, possibly involving his brother. Chris Evans (known to many as Captain America) is a tough beat cop with questionable on-the-job behavior and a penchant to grease the wheels of his version of justice. Rounding out the cast is the fiery and feisty Bel Powley as his partner, who nurtures a crush on him in the midst of discovering herself and learning about her career choice and situation.

The play, exhibiting both suspense and humor, provides a glimpse into the daily lives of four New Yorkers in the late 1990s—a time before cell phones, texting and Facebook. A time when communication was face to face and getting through the day took a little longer that what we experience today.

The plot is intriguing, the characters are richly drawn and the script is impeccably written with perfectly realized dialogue. All elements that bring the show to life and, ultimately, reflect back on the audience as it comes to understand why decisions are made the way they are. And leaving the audience wondering if they would have done the same thing.

Lobby Hero runs through May 13.