Make it Last!

Rubbermaid has come up with a great new product for keeping produce fresher longer. The Freshworks line is a set of containers in multi-cup sizes and various shapes specifically designed to promote enduring freshness of fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator.

And I am a fan! These containers implement three basic features that will extend the life of produce:

The first is a lid which utilizes their FreshVent technology with a long lasting filter that regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide, helping the food to regulate itself for longevity. The second is a removable CrispTray, which is an elevated base to keep food away from moisture, thereby reducing the risk of mold or decay. And the third is the design, which allows for a variety of produce to fit.

The green and white color combination is bright and cheery and they are very easy to take care of. They can be hand washed (my preference) but are also dishwasher safe.

I’ve found that they work remarkably well, especially with seasonal berries and other fruits or vegetables likely to degrade quickly if not eaten right away.

If you’re looking for food storage solutions, the Freshworks line from Rubermaid is a definite go-to. They’ll not only keep your food fresh but your refrigerator will look organized and stylish!

They can be found at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon and other fine retailers.