Mini Soho

I just recently discovered a charming line of desk accessories at the MoMA design store in Soho. Taking inspiration from the clusters of cast-iron buildings in the neighborhood, designer Hsunli Huang has brought to life in miniature the architectural details of these special buildings.

I bought the pen cup and it couldn’t be any more whimsical. It’s cheery and truly evocative of the neighborhood and has ample space for lots of pens/pencils/markers/highlighters/a ruler—whatever you like to have close at hand.

Archi Pen Cup Desk

The pen cup in action on my desk

MoMA also sells a file holder in the same design and it’s equally appealing and useful.

I never thought about a pen cup making me smile but this one certainly does and definitely holds pride of place on my desk!

And thank you to MoMA for the feature image on this story!