Mini You Mini Me

If you would like to have a photo of yourself transformed into a printed 3-D version (think action figure) with incredible detail and color then you must visit Doob 3D Technology on Wooster Street in New York City.

Dooblicate Image 1

What was originally planned as a temporary pop up shop proved so popular that they kept the space and set up permanently. This innovative and delightful technology is both whimsical and impressive.

Founded in Germany, Doob provides high quality, completely life-life figures that capture even the smallest human details. You can choose from a variety of sizes which also determine price points.

The process is very simple: Step into their patented “doob-licator,” and strike your pose while a high speed scanner captures a full 360 degree image. Once finished review your images and if you’re happy with the results that’s it! From there, the proprietary software converts the image into high res 3D files that are then 3D printed and delivered within 2-3 weeks.

The shop also has lots of examples on display that allow you to see and touch the work. They are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. And besides, who wouldn’t want a mini version of themselves?