On The Edge

For those unafraid of heights, New York Edge is the place to be! With unobstructed vistas expanding up and down Manhattan and beyond, the experience is thrilling.

Located in the heart of Hudson Yards, the viewpoint is cantilevered on the side of a skyscraper 100 stories in the air. Deemed the highest sky deck in the Western Hemisphere, it’s not for the faint of heart.  

Before boarding the elevator to the top, there are a series of exhibits and installations that you walk through where you learn about the construction of the building and the details of the environmental innovations that have been employed. It’s an interesting look into the inner workings of the structure and how it harmonizes with the environs surrounding it, respecting the city’s ecosystem.

From there you ride a special elevator to the 101st floor and the panoramic views are stunning. You can walk right up to the glass walls and look down. As the glass is gently angled, my legs were a little shaky at first until I adjusted. But once settled the views are breathtaking, especially if visiting on a sunny day.

They have a small stadium seating-style area where you can watch the views from the same height as the helicopters that patrol the skies. There is also a section of the deck floor that is a large triangle of glass which looks straight down to the street below!

And for those who are especially adventurous, there is City Climb—an upper section about 10 stories higher where they allow visitors to scale the outside of the building, climbing a 45-degree angled staircase and then leaning out. Wearing a special Climbsuit fully buckled and harnessed, you climb with a group but lean out alone. It’s certainly a way to get the adrenaline rushing!

A casual cafe area and a bar inside provide a place to sit and absorb the views as well, but the action is really outside in the open air.

For something unique with an element of excitement, New York Edge is a special attraction that is fun for all ages and a great way to experience the New York cityscape. It makes you realize that even at 13 miles by 2 miles technically, Manhattan is really much bigger!

New York Edge is open 9:00am-10:00pm daily.