Optical Illusion as Decor

The artist Katherine Barnwell creates beautiful pieces of highly realistic decorative items that are stunning to look at and really fool the eye. I discovered her in a magazine feature and was immediately captivated by her skill and wit with a paintbrush.

Katherine Barnwell Image 1

Classically trained, she paints a full-scale original oil painting on wood, focusing on flora and fauna. She then produces a high resolution scan of the piece, which is then sent to her carpentry studio where the painting’s silhouette is laser  cut from wood and completed by her signature stamp on the back. Each piece also includes an attached hinged stand.Katherine Barnwell Image 2

The results are quite beautiful and are both whimsical and sophisticated at the same time. And even from a very close distance, the work appears dimensional and real. Her planted flowers and topiaries are especially effective.

To learn more and support this talented artist, visit Katherine Barnwell.