Parfum Parfait

Maison Matine has a beautiful line of fragrances which are not only appealing on the nose but appealing to the eye as well.

A French company based in Paris and Chartres, the company is guided by a new generation of three young “rebel” perfumers who want to shake up the world of fragrance with scents that are made with organic ingredients, manufactured in small limited editions, free of the male/female binary and that embody a sassy, fun, expressive nature.

The ethos of the organization is one of bold game changers and disruptors ready to take on the traditions of perfumery. And indeed they are doing just that.

The bottles themselves are unique, with thoughtful graphic design and lasting as decorative items long after the fragrance inside has been enjoyed. The designs range from cute to logical to cheeky, meant to compliment the name and scent of the perfume and executed with vivid artistry. The box sleeves match the design, giving an intriguing preview to what awaits inside.

The fragrances are distinct with a large variety of notes combined in creative ways.

I was quite taken with Nature Insolente which has top notes of orange, lemon, bergamot orange, middle notes of lily of the valley, mint, honey melon and base notes of vetiver, cedar and musk. It is a heady mixture of aromas redolent of being outdoors and experiencing the pleasures of a summer afternoon picnic in a field of grasses, wild flowers, bees buzzing around and surrounded by shady trees in the bright sunshine.

Maison Matine knows how to set a mood and there is a fragrance to suit any fancy. Wearing one of their perfumes will definitely elicit the compliment “tu sens merveilleusement bon!”