Brady Adair is delightful in various roles. — STAGE BUDDY
(Brady Adair) keeps the stylized dialogue zipping along with intensity and humor. — THEATER PIZZAZZ
Brady Adair gives a bravura performance…, while spewing clever dialog, playing multiple characters, and expertly singing and dancing. — THE WICKED LOCAL
…(a) convincing performance being this production’s main asset. — SUN GAZETTE
Brady Adair plays…with a true understanding of the character. — THE EXPRESS
Brady was…a standout in Leading Ladies. — P.O.V. Blog
(Adair) has really made the character his own. That’s the challenge with this piece. People come expecting to see David Sedaris, but (Adair) has embraced Crumpet. His wit, his timing – he’s just hilarious. — PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY
…audiences loved the blend of Adair’s comic timing and writer David Sedaris’ wit. — EXIT ZERO MAGAZINE
Adair’s (character) is faintly obnoxious without being the kind you want to punch. It’s a much-appreciated subtle touch brought to the role. — THE ADVOCATE-MESSENGER
…(Adair’s) enthusiastic performance transports the audience. — THE TRIBECA TRIB
…(A) laugh-a-minute (classic farce)…As the stereotyped, one-dimensional character, Adair hits his mark (and) succeeds in spouting a British accent. — THE EXPRESS
…three hours of non-stop laughter. (Adair’s) facial features reveal more than words ever could!…a true crowd pleaser. The light-hearted evening is sure to send audience members out with laughter in their hearts and smiles on their faces. — THE EXPRESS
Adair has the slimiest role and he’s absolutely fabulous at it. You just hate him. — THE ADVOCATE-MESSENGER
The ensemble is first-rate. Brady Adair balances the clownish aspects of Principal Pettlogg with the sinister. — THEATERONLINE.COM
…(Adair) is well cast. — CENTRE DAILY TIMES
With careful attention to detail, and a commitment to honest storytelling, (Adair) has done so, in a quite remarkable way. — NYTHEATRE.COM