Perch Objects

Last spring, while reading through a shelter magazine, I saw an article featuring Amy Adams-Ratliff, an industrial designer who transitioned into artistic works for the home.

Starting her own company, Perch Objects, in 2004, she maintained her corporate design positions while developing her artistic career. She refined her skills with brass, concrete and wood alongside experimentation in ceramics.

This led her to establish a studio in the Hudson Valley, where she set herself the task of creating unique, functional (as well as non-functional) and decorative pieces for the home. In addition to producing these items, she also teaches various workshops at her studio and keeps her students inspired in her Product Design classes at Parsons School of Design.

Her figures have spontaneous, abstract or organic shapes that are reminiscent of Mid-Century design or more contemporary, what she terms as “design forward” (her lamps in particular fit this moniker).

There is a nice fluidity to her work and I enjoyed reading about her and checking out her wares. I was quite taken with her piece titled “Bend 1,” made in raw brass that is cut and bent to shape. It’s quietly dramatic and fit in well with my décor.

It’s always a pleasure to find, support and share information about local artists and I’m glad I discovered Amy’s work. With a solid foundation in design, Perch Objects have great integrity and can add beauty to your home interior. People are sure to ask “where did you get that?”

Perch Objects are available directly from the website as well as select retailers.