Petal It Forward

Thank you to a gracious neighbor who introduced me to a wonderful initiative created by the Society of American Florists (SAF)! The program is called Petal It Forward and its objective is simple: to foster goodwill in communities and across the country by providing complimentary flower bouquets.

On October 19, the SAF marketing team hit the streets of New York City, including the surrounding boroughs, armed with loads of bouquets and randomly distributed them, two to a recipient. The recipient was then asked to “Petal It Forward” by passing one of them to a family member, friend or even a stranger who could use a lift.

For the second year in a row, the SAF encouraged florists across the country to participate in this endeavor, as study findings have determined that flowers improve a person’s outlook and have long term positive effects.


My bouquet did indeed surprise and delight—a mix of tiger lilies, baby roses, a sunflower and bear grass. Even as I write this, four days later, the flowers are in full, colorful bloom. I was unfamiliar with this program and was completely taken by the concept to bring joy to an otherwise normal day.

I also felt a deeper sense of gratitude for the power behind this gesture, as the Society of American Florists seeks to give communities a day of care and kindness. The flowers will eventually fade but the motivation behind them will be remembered for a long time to come.