Cape May Wine

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is visiting wineries and I’ve had the pleasure of touring them all over the world. This past week I visited a lovely location on Cape May Island, New Jersey. This charming seaside town is home to Willow Creek Winery and Farm.

On a cold, grey, wintry day the winery and farm were quite bleak but inside a warm fire was roasting and the mood was festive with mistletoe hanging over the front door and a welcoming staff.

The space is enormous with large leather couches, a high beamed ceiling and lots of windows for looking out over the vineyards. The environment definitely encouraged staying around awhile for quiet rumination of wine and other topics. It was the perfect opportunity to experience a sampling. I did a five tasting flight with a delightful sommelier. My favorites were a smoky pinot noir that had the faintest hint of ash and a surprising pumpkin wine, perfect as a compliment to pie for a holiday dessert!

Willow Creek Winery and Farm produces under two labels. Their house label is for wines that are made exclusively by them on the property. The second label, Wilde Cock (which refers to the various roosters roaming around the farm), produces blends with their grapes and grapes from other wineries around the country. Interestingly, Willow Creek Winery is also on the same longitude as Bordeaux so they are able to produce a similar wine you would find in that region of France.

Upon departure I purchased a bottle of the pinot noir which I’m excited to open and enjoy with a meal. Should you find yourself on the New Jersey shoreline, a visit to Willow Creek Winery and Farm is a definite “must stop” while on Cape May Island. You won’t be disappointed. Salut!