Small Wonder

I recently purchased a handy little kitchen gadget that has quickly become my favorite go-to for breakfast in the morning. The Dash Go Mini Waffle Maker is the perfect alternative to a full size waffle iron and takes up almost no space in a kitchen.

Measuring only 5 inches in diameter, it’s cute, compact and easy to use. It pre-heats quickly and waffles are ready within just a couple of minutes with perfect browning. Despite its toy-like appearance, it provides serious results and is entertaining to use.

Along with variations on waffle batters, the recipe booklet has additional ideas for use, such as hash browns, which I am also eager to try.

For little waffles with big taste, the Dash Go Mini Maker Waffle is the only way to go!

Breakfast is served!

P.S. And for those that are curious, Dash Go also makes an accompanying mini griddle and mini grill (perfect for hamburgers!).